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THE DATING ADVICE GIRL, Erin Tillman, is a freelance writer and radio personality living in Los Angeles, California. Erin has worked with various television studios, production companies and radio stations including 102.7 KIIS FM and currently hosts a weekly radio show on The American Radio Network in Los Angeles, CA.

She’s a happily single girl 'in the field' who keeps a positive and realistic attitude in regards to men and dating. Her goal is to help singles get the most out of being single without loosing themselves in the dating process. Since she is actively dating, she knows what's actually happening out there right now! Erin has had a variety of relationships with men ranging from friendship to exclusive partnership in both the states and internationally. She talks to singles everyday, so she knows what issues they are actually dealing with in their day-to-day social lives. In addition to helping singles, she also interviews celebrities at some of the most high profile red carpet events in and around Los Angeles and gets their take on dating and relationships.

Erin has collaborated with companies such as LA-based speed dating company VIP Social Events and has written relationship advice for entrepreneurial business-coach Amy Applebaum specializing in dating advice for single entrepreneurial women. She has built a large network of loyal LA-based followers and has a growing following in other parts of the US and in several foreign countries.

Erin is the author of the upcoming book The Dating Advice Girl's Guide to Dating.



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