About LogoBids

Our Story

LogoBids, Inc. was formed because of a personal need the CEO encountered and he could not find an answer to. He needed a new logo for a start-up company he was launching. His first solution was to go to his local graphic designer/printer. The print company took on his project at $75/hr and estimated about 7-10 days to complete. He did about a one hour “interview” to go over concepts. Twelve days later they had the first version of the logo done – three separate concepts by one designer. Unfortunately none of them were close. The designer said he would go back to the drawing board, but put another designer on the job to get a different perspective. Eight days later the second version was done – three separate concepts again. None of the concepts met his approval. This was an issue because he was now about 5 hours into their time at $75/hr. ($375.00) and he had nothing to show for it.

Secondly, he turned to the internet to look for a solution. After searching and researching he settled on Logoworks.com. He choose to go with their “Gold Package” that was $299 for four Logo concepts by two designers and two revisions. None of the designs or revisions matched what he was looking for - $675.00 into the project and still nothing to show for.

Finally, he was able to find a service that provided him with a price of his own choosing ($250 in this case) and up to 25 concepts by just as many designers and unlimited revisions – all completed within days. At last, a design that exceeded his expectations was created.

He realized that this was a common problem for individuals and businesses of all sizes that needed graphic design work done and thus decided to create LogoBids.com as a solution. LogoBids.com takes an existing concept and makes it better for both the designer community and the end-user.

What We Do

We help end-users create a contest that can be viewed by tens of thousands of quality graphic designers worldwide. Graphics designers will compete with each other for the benefit of honing their skills, enhancing their portfolios and winning the final prize money offered. The end-user gets an affordable, high quality design within the time line and budget he or she sets. All of this is provided at a safe, friendly and user rated online environment.

If you are a freelance designer or graphic design agency – see how we can improve your bottom line. Our services offer several streams of new revenue for your graphic design business. You can improve on your skills, participate in industry related discussions, win new clients and add more revenue to your business. We welcome you aboard.