How LogoBids Works

Step 1:

Tell Our Designers What You Want

Briefly describe what your project entails. We make this process easy by asking a few pre-determined questions that will guide the designers in the right direction for you.

Step 2:

Set a Prize & Privacy Level

Set the price you are willing to pay to have the design created and delivered how you want it. Naturally, the higher the prize, the more designers your contest will attract, and the more entries you will receive.

Please note that your contest does not have to be publicly accessible. If you wish you can keep it private.

Step 3:

Review Submitted Designs

Quality designers worldwide will now start submitting designs based on your project description. At this time you can be in constant communication with the designers, guiding them in the direction towards a perfect design for you. You can rate them, eliminate them or encourage changes.

Step 4:

Pick Your Perfect Design

Accept the design and award the designer. Your new design is complete, and will release payment to the winning designer on your behalf. The designer will then forward you the design in the format you requested along with the copyright. The process is complete.

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