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I've been a graphic designer for 20+ years, not including the years growing up in my dad's commercial art studio.

My dad opened his own doors at American Scene in downtown Chicago around 1980 and that was where I landed my 1st job ever at the age of 11.

It was in this big warehouse studio during the summers that I learned many of the fundamentals of the commercial artist, sweating it out helping with priming canvas for murals, sweeping floors, and stenciling letters on signs for the ‘Taste of Chicago’ every year.

There was a glamorous side to the work back then. He personally knew the band Chicago and created the original logo design for the band. He also undertook work for other famous bands of the era, including Styx and Cheap Trick and Counting Crows. He even played basketball with Kenny Rodgers. lol.

But even before all of this he was known for set designs produced for ABC Television in the 1970's, including such shows as ‘Gigglesnort Hotel’, ‘AM Chicago’ and ‘Soul Train’, etc...

Years went by and during the summertime at my dad's studio and I learned commercial art from a very fundamental point of view; everything from logo’s to large scale murals. Much of the hand-crafted commercial art of yesteryear has been replaced by electronic design formats. And that's what I do today as part of Archer Media Services, but my roots definitely started back in my dad's art studio.

I love what I do today. Much of the same type of work that ignited my imagination back then, brought into the 21st Century utilizing today’s modern media formats. Static or interactive media, they all start with a good design in a strategic process.

Make Archer Media Services your first stop for all of your web, electronic and print design needs and discover the passion, pride and quality that inspired us in the first place and keeps us fresh and energized today



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