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Design Brief

Logo Contest


Logo Design for iShadow Foundation, Inc (Non-Profit)


Brand design (Wordmark or Word Pictorial Combination)

Brand Name

iShadow Foundation, Inc.


iShadow Foundation, Inc. ( wants a design that can be used for branding materials, etc. The design should be sophisticated yet fun. Bursts of color should be considered for a pictorial/word combo. If providing a pictorial word combo, please consider objects like a map, globe, girlie owl, clouds, girl, or eyelashes as well. These are suggested individually and should not be used together. If you are able to provide designs in various file formats(i.e. .gif, .jpg, etc), that would be great.

UPDATE: Consider additional objects like makeup brush, curved eyeshadow container or *stamp
Include the entire name of the organization, "iShadow Foundation, Inc."
Place an emphasis on the "i." It could be thicker, another color or include a curved dot.
Consider block or curved font (easy to read)See MAC Cosmetics

Don't Wants

I don't want a design that is juvenile or too high-brow nor one that is commonly used. No black backgrounds


1. Pink Think carnation or light fuschia
2. Brown Chocolate
3: Blue Seagreenish Royal

About Us

iShadow Foundation, Inc. primes girls ages 13 to 17 with training in business, leadership, economic literacy, diversity and social skills in order for the youth to participate, compete and activate life-long excellence in a global environment.

Sample Image

Clip Art Allowed


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August 6, 2011 10:42 AM

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