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Future PrepStar


Want a classy yet hip "sports" logo

Brand Name

FPS - two of our taglines THESE ARE OPTIONAL (should have room for tagline but need not be incorporated) 1) "Helping build the future one young athlete at a time" 2) "Helping young athletes reach beyond their goals."


FPS is a company for young people and the look should be contemporary – Something a young man might wear on his shirt. Maybe a little bit grungy but clean and classy. In addition, it needs to also play small (not just a t-shirt) for the website.
Need a strong identifying font for this logo – We could possibly have two fonts one for future and one for Prepstar. But I absolutely do not want just a “font oriented” logo. We will use this font in other materials. In addition We would like the initials FPS to stand out as we will be using those a lot separately. Perhaps the FPS stands out while supported by the rest of words. Or FPS is a module that can be used separately as a tag. This does not mean it does not integrate into the overall logo seamlessly. We also would like to see some sort of athletic style icon built into the logo. Or perhaps a shield like presentation as seen below- but fresh! Use textures... With that said we are excited to see fresh directions!
We will also be adding to this logo later as we are building on online media hub called Future PrepStar Network- FPSN - But right now focusing on Future PrepStar.

Don't Wants

We absolutely do not want just a “font oriented” logo. Do not want to see just the words and a star. We have went through many iterations of that logo! Using the star could be acceptable when it is integrated in an intelligent, stylish manner. Do not go futuristics swish style on this.


1. #ffffff We are not married to these colors
2. #ffffff We are not married to these colors

No Color Specified

Perhaps a more sports oriented pallette? Black red? Get creative on pallette

About Us

Future PrepStar is an organization aimed at helping middle school age athletes excel not only in their given sport but also academically. It is FPS goal to set the child up for their future in a balanced fashion where they will be set to succeed not only atheltically but also academically- Academics play a key role and are a focus.

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July 11, 2011 6:17 PM

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