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We're looking for a fun and simple logo we can use for event invitations, free stickers for instrument cases, and other unofficial communications about these free events. We'd love for it to visually indicate this location is clearly NOT a fancy or commercial concert venue. Themes can include music, camping, bonfires, cows, corn and friendship. (Note it is not necessary to capture ALL those themes in your design--in fact we prefer simple designs that can be versatile.)

Don't Wants

We're not Coachella and frankly they're the opposite of our vibe, so please no Coachella references in this design. (The reason we think this name is funny is because we're clearly not Coachella. We're just musicians playing music for friends, for free, surrounded by cornfields and cows, in the middle of nowhere.) Also we really don't want this logo to look like clip art. One last thing, we do not want any guitars in the logo (thought ukuleles are okay to include if you desire.)

About Us

Cowchella is a humorous and unofficial name for a non-commercial rural concert venue for musicians who travel through an area of the country that is mostly devoid of fancy concert venues. The location is considered "the middle of nowhere" and is surrounded by cornfields and livestock. This unlikely venue is beloved in the underground music scene because it is so unassuming and specifically not-fancy, perfect for large-scale camping and gatherings. The main stage at Cowchella is called The Porch at Cowchella, and it is literally a front porch on a 100 year old country house. Camping is in an old cow pasture called The Tina Memorial Campground at Cowchella (named after three cows, all named Tina, who once lived there.) During events we typically have a giant bonfire, similar to the Burning Man festival. Our "target market" is traveling musicians and people who attend music and art festivals, and the product we "sell" is good vibes (similar to old Grateful Dead music festivals). It is not a commercial or even a money-making venture and never will be. Our goal is good times with likeminded friends and strangers using the power of music, an escape from big-city worries, and country hospitality.

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November 30, 2023 11:06 AM

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