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Design Brief

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Dr. J Stallion Management


Logo needs to include a Stallion.

Design IDEAS (open to all creativity and ideas):

Symbolism of Genetic Excellence: Consider incorporating subtle visual cues representing DNA without making it too literal.

Dynamic Horse Silhouette: Feature a racing stallion in a dynamic, mid-gallop pose to convey strength, speed, and a winning spirit. Emphasize the muscular and powerful attributes of the horse.

About Us

Dr. J Stallion Management is a high-end horse stallion management company specializing in breeding top-tier racing horses. Target Audience: Professional horse owners, breeders, racehorse trainers, investors in horse racing, luxury equestrian enthusiasts, stud farms, international markets, racing syndicates, corporate sponsors, veterinarians, and equine professionals.

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October 2, 2023 8:09 AM

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