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Your Cancer Guru


Educate, Empower, Support (Can be but doesn't necessarily need to be included but this is what I'd like to convey)


The main idea I would like to convey in my design is my knowledge and expertise about this field of medicine and my ability to help those with cancer.

Don't Wants

I am including an image below that I like. The logo could be something totally different. This was just an image that caught my eye. Also, I have already started designing the website and one of the fonts I like is Sacramento. I'm open to other fonts that re sijilar. I like script for the words "Your Cancer Guru."

About Us

My name is Dr. Christine Adamo. I'm an integrative medical physician who specializes in the field of oncology (Cancer). Your Cancer Guru is an online platform that will bring education, empowerment, and support to those who are diagnosed with and who are affected by cancer. My website will link to a number of different social media sites that will provide helpful information in the format of videos, blogs, podcasts. I will share information about many different topic including diet/nutrition, natural supplements and herbal medicine, pain management, addressing side effects of conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, etc... My target audience is anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and those who are caring for them.

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