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The Luxe Consult


A logo for company named, The Luxe Consult. This is a very high end B2B company specialising in business development for a wide variety of luxury firms in Europe.

Brand Name

The Luxe Consult


The logo must be very sharp, elegant and powerful. The logo will also have to be trademarked, due to this it has to be quite unique and cannot just be a plain font i.e. contain some type of picture, symbol or a unique way of writing the words. The best colours to use are definitely black, white and grey.

About Us

This company specialises in B2B services helping small luxury firms develop a more efficient business model, enter new markets and grow in existing markets. Examples of current projects are medical spas, skincare lines, lingerie, concierge services etc... Any symbols associated with luxury are fairplay, additionally any symbols associated with consultation or an ambassadorial role are too e.g. iron gates, coat of arms, swords It is a London based company dealing primarily with European and Middle Eastern companies.

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July 4, 2011 8:10 AM

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