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PeachHoneyPreemie Logo


Logo for a NICU-safe Preemie Clothing Line


A modern logo design that conveys a feeling of nuture, that is easily scalable (it must work blown up on the side of a truck, and on the pocket of a teeny tiny baby onesie... like Ralph Lauren's pony logo). The finished logo must have no more than 2 colors, but it must be able to be turned into a one color logo for clothing (like Ralph Lauren's pony). you can visit for my color scheme. If you could work the logo into the letters "PHP" that would be fantastic!

Please make sure the logo is in a vector format... ie. Illustrator.

Don't Wants

Anything with too much detail, nothing too trendy.


1. #f0a78a our peachy pink
2. #da9f50 our mustard color, this color can be made a little lighter
3: #fff7ed a subtle off-white

About Us

I am a NICU nurse, developing a NICU-safe preemie clothing line that will be able to be worn by the majority of the NICU population. This means 1 pound babies, babies with gastrostomy tubes, and even those chubby 8 pounders will have a stylish and safe wardrobe. Please help me to build my brand and identity, so we can make this clothing line a success!

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June 29, 2011 10:37 AM

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