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Traverse Private Wealth


We are looking for a logo that goes with the company name "Traverse". Helping you navigate your financial independence. There are many directions you can go, so have fun with it!

UPDATE: We are starting to get a better feel of what is resonating, so wanted to add it here. We do not like the TPW monogram included. We do not like Traverse Private with Wealth underneath. We prefer Traverse alone, or Private Wealth underneath. Our preferred are blue and light green. Potential for a third color of orange, or gold if it fits the design. We seem to be leaning toward mountain logo at the moment.


1. #f4f4f7 Blue
2. #fcfffa Light Green

No Color Specified

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About Us

Employee-owned financial advisory firm that is uniquely committed to servicing individual investors with an unrivaled application-based model that provides exclusive access to the ultra-high net worth services and pricing.

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January 7, 2023 7:09 AM

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