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Design Brief

Logo Contest


Logo needed for web development company


simple, eye catching logo

Brand Name



Something simple and unique with the name 'haysworld' (all lower case) in the logo - it could also have 'web development' in there. I want it to be simple and eye catching, also something that could go onto a business card or a flyer.

The colours can be anything, I have listed my preferred ones but I am open to changing this, ideally I would like something darker and quite neutral (not too masculine or feminine)

I like the designs where hays and world are in different colour text (still all one word though and still all lower case)

Don't Wants

Something too busy or messy.


1. #0A1318 -

No Color Specified

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No Color Specified

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About Us

We are a new web development company based in London

Clip Art Allowed


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June 21, 2011 4:34 PM

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