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We are updating our current logo that we have had for over 50 years. We need something new & current. Something that shows "outreach, care, friendship, help, etc." We are looking for sophistication, something that shows what we do but shows our letters "SSL". I have attached our current logo. It can be similar but updated. If you could add - Founded in 1963. We give all kinds of "outreach" to different types of organizations.

Don't Wants

Please don't add the 55 years. We are at 59 years currently and don't want to get a new logo annually. If you could add Founded in 1963 that would be great. We want it to be legible. We would prefer the designer to be creative and original. Some clip art could be used but we prefer uniqueness.

About Us

We are called SSL which stands for Suburban Service League. We area 501c3 all volunteer women's organization that helps those in need in the southland Chicago Suburbs. (Don't add any Chicago items) We work with over 50+ organizations that help those in need. We also help individuals who are struggling or in need in some way. We help homelessness, the hungry, at-risk individuals, domestic violence victims, cancer patients. We also provide scholarships and fund education. Our website is

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June 7, 2022 3:12 PM

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