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Honey Box


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We are wanting the box to have a hexagon shape (or look like a honey comb). It will be similar to the shape of a pizza box. The size should be 10" x 10", approximate. The box will open like a pizza box and have an insert made of sateen or velvet. The insert will have (4) 1/2" deep pockets similar to a pizza slice, but instead of a point, you would round it at the "end points". The center of this insert will have a small hole cut into it for a small travel size jar of honey that can be placed in it. The top inside of the box will have a small honey drizzle stick attached to it. Maybe with ties that are cut through the box to hold this stick in place. Below the stick will be our Tag Line, "GET THE BUZZ". The box itself will be around 3" in thickness/depth. The entire box should be the color of Blacks, and Golds, or Amber Gold. It could be a blend of course. The idea is to make it look like a Honey Comb. Oh! We do want a cute bee or two inside the box for effect. Then the center of the outside of the box top, we'd like to see the words HONEY BOX almost as if it were drizzled with honey by the drizzle stick itself. The stick would be at the end of the first letter X, then the honey will be carried upward with the stick still in the pic. So, the words Honey Box will have a very cool scriptive look. Please add a few bees to the top and sides of the box as well. Let's keep the bottom a solid color. I'm thinking black

Don't Wants

Just be very creative and original. But, feel free to use clip art

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We are a subscription box. Target is women 16 and older.

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September 15, 2021 7:14 PM

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