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The Synergy Project presents Epiphany The Experience Season 5


Something bold, clean and something that pops out
With this year's donation going to Broadway Cares / AIDS Equity, we want to stick within that theme of Broadway, flashy lights, billboards
IDEA #1:
1 idea we had in mind was to do the words around a movie sign, similar to the first 3 attached images.
The top part / 2 lines would be: "The Synergy Project (1st line) presents (2nd line)"
The main title in the white section of the sign would be: "Epiphany" in big extravagant but readable cursive writing, in red and then "The Experience" in all upper-case small type font right aligned underneath 'Epiphany'
The third line would simply by "Season 5"
IDEA #2:
The second idea would have the words sprawled out and fit in cleverly into the billboards in the center of Times Square.
It would be nice to see elements of Times Square visible but pushed to the back, with the main focus of the Synergy/Title of Show/Season bolded and to the front
Want to make sure that it's detailed but not complicated - simple but not plain & boring - still has to be appealing to the eye
This would probably entail more drawing on the designer's end

Open to whatever the designer comes up with but if we had to choose, definitely keep black, white, red, yellow, gold, silver - colors that are flashy and characterize Broadway

This design will be printed on a heather red crew-neck t-shirt, so designer should keep that in mind when deciding what colors to use.

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we are an non profit organization that brings awareness to worthy causes through the art of dance

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