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Need logo for learning center


We need a logo for our new learning center called, "Logos Learning Adventures." We will provide all kinds of classes--from math, science, and language arts classes to culinary arts, beading & leather work, and kids yoga. All classes will provide hands-on projects and fun activities. This is not your typical academic learning center. Our goal is inspire children and show them that learning (in all subjects/areas of life) is truly an adventure.

We would like a logo that shows:

1) a large tree (maybe an oak, or something large, broad, and strong) with a child about 10 years old heading out on an adventure with a backpack and hiking stick. Perhaps the tree can be on the right hand side with the child under it on the left of the tree, heading out to the left with stick in hand.

2) We would also like the sun shining through from behind the tree, preferably near the center of the logo, illuminating the child and tree with perhaps sunrays shining through.

3) The tree and child should be in silhouette, in a dark solid color, like dark green. Perhaps a gradient shading from the top right hand corner of the tree, starting with the green color, and getting darker down to the lower left-hand corner (maybe even darkened to black). This would provide a nice contrast to the sun shining through in the space between the tree and the child. The center of the sun should look like it's shining above the child's head.

4) The feel of this logo should be clean but give enough detail that the viewer can immediately tell it is a young child with a backpack/hiking stick. Although we are called "adventures," we don't want anything too "rough" looking.

5) The logo should include the picture and name of our learning center. We are looking for more emphasis on the words "Learning Adventures" and a little less on "Logos," or perhaps all equal size. In terms of font, we were thinking small caps, with the first letter of each word in large caps. It can also include tagline in small font, "Discover. Explore. Create. Innovate."

This is our idea of the logo, but we are open to others. To give you additional ideas, the reason we chose the name "Logos" is because of the definition. It is a Greek word meaning, "computation and measurement," "reasoning and explanation," "rational thinking," "speech and discussion," and "artistic and literary expression."

Thank you for your time, and good luck!!


1. #0a4d3d Top of the tree (upper right hand corner), getting darker down to bottom
2. #071f13 Bottom left hand corner of logo, getting lighter as it gets toward to the upper right hand corner.

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May 16, 2011 12:39 PM

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