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Waste Equals Food


Logo for a website/store


**** I really want someone to make a waste basket with someone throwing crumpled up paper into it while a flower is growing straight down out of the bottom of the basket. So that it could be flipped and have the flower on top and the paper on the bottom*** Please try this.

*I'm interested in seeing something like a landfill with flowers growing out of it. Also interested in seeing a plastic bottle with Grass or flowers in side.

*Try something like someone throwing garbage away in a trash bin/planter and a flower growing out of the bottom* Updated 5/16

An iconic logo that will work with the entire company name as well as on its own in bookmark form. I want to see both the name of the company and the logo.

Simple, easy to digest.

Don't Wants

I don't want an over crowded logo!!!

About Us

This is for a website that will provide easy to find information about being green. We may have a e-store attached to buy green products. waste equals food is a concept that everything that is created should be biodegradable or recycled.

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May 15, 2011 10:47 PM

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