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Zum Eulenbaum


For our German restaurant "Zum Eulenbaum" (in Englisch: to the owl on a tree) we are looking for a logo. The logo should contain a symbol (owl on a tree makes sense :) ) and the name itself.

The logo should be applicable on our website, slides, POI-systems, letters, business cards and--that’s essential--appear on a big signboard in front of the restaurant.

Don't Wants

We are not a fast food restaurant/snack bar and so is inappropriate if the logo looks too cheap like a no-name product.

About Us

Our restaurant is in a little forest and we don't have a specific topic or orientation in food and beverage. We offer vegetarian food and non veg. food, beer and wine, coffee and coke, ice and soup, …

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May 11, 2011 2:43 PM

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