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Design Brief

Logo Contest


Prism Priority


Wanting an animated type logo. Something that will catch the eye of young adults. Refer to the attached images but do not copy exactly. Maybe incorporate the character holding or using a phone to represent the "help is a phone call away". Orange and black.

Don't Wants

No formal medical looking signs.


1. #f76e05 Orange
2. #080808 Black
3: #aba8a8 Grey or white

About Us

"Injuries don't wait. Why should you?" It is a medical treatment assessment program. When someone gets hurt, they can make a phone call to get referred to the doctor, specialist, or surgeon that they need. It helps people get the help they need more rapidly and efficiently. Target market is 18-45 years old, athletes, busy work individuals, and others who need help getting to treatment quickly.

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April 2, 2021 2:08 PM

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closed 5 days ago