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Although we are happy with many of the submissions we've received, we are extending the contest for an additional 24 hours in order for some of you that have submitted to submit the revisions we've requested.

If you haven't submitted a design yet, show us what you got!

Updated 1/4/20
*New design option:
would like to see a design with an outline of the las vegas skyline with the words PLAY IT FORWARD in a thick font below it (see photo reference for design concept on the updated brief)

PLAY IT FORWARD in SILVER & GOLD (top half/bottom half)*

Ideally, we would like to see a variety of options.

Color option 1: Silver, Gold and Black
Color option 2: Maroon and Black
Color option 3: Maroon, Silver & Black

- listed as such
- listed stacked, one word on top of the other
- listed: different planes combined: vertical, horizontal
- split the text in half: top half one color, bottom half 2nd color with black surrounding the text and going through the middle of text.

-Design option 1: PLAY IT FORWARD with sports player silhouettes (football, basketball, golfer, soccer, tennis, hockey).
-Design option 2: PLAY IT FORWARD with a "forward motion" theme represented. Example: arrows >>>
-Design option 3: PLAY IT FORWARD with wavey line through the text representing "forward" ~ (sample photo)
-Design option 4: PLAY IT FORWARD with circular motion design
-Design option 5: PLAY IT FORWARD with the "medical logo" (snake wrapping around the medical icon) silhouetted in the T of the word IT
-Design option 5: PLAY IT FORWARD with all the above-listed design options.

The idea of the design is to be a sports-oriented design giving the impression the organization is an athletic/medical-based organization.

The desired look of the design to be clean and clear.
Designed will be used in many aspects that include online, screen printing, embroidery, etc..., so please make sure colors chosen will print well.


1. #050505 Black

No Color Specified


No Color Specified


About Us

We are a non-profit organization that helps high school and college athletes receive medical treatment for sports injuries that they may not otherwise be able to afford. These could be surgeries, physical therapy, etc. We want to draw in donors who are sports lovers and are interested in helping the youth.

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January 1, 2021 8:35 PM

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