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ATLas Investment Advisors, A Member of Advisory Services Network


We are looking for a clean, modern design. The “A Member of Advisory Services Network, LLC” has to be included in our brand for regulatory purposes and thus, we don’t want that to be the focal point of our design. However, it does have to be visible on a 1" by 3" logo for client account statements. It has to be shown in the logo after our name which is Atlas Investment Advisors. We were thinking we wanted the ATL in atlas to be accentuated since we are founding our company in Atlanta, but this isn't a must. Also, we haven’t chosen colors but are thinking earthy colors such as greens, blues, gold, gray etc. We were thinking of including a drop pin like you would see on a map or some other design element relevant to maps/atlases. We want to keep it simple and professional but our job is to be lifelong partners with our clients and to guide them towards financial independence and we want our branding to reflect that.

About Us

We are a new investment and financial planning firm in Atlanta, GA. Founded by two young financial advisors going out on their own to create a unique vision in the financial planning industry that centers on superior client service through life long partnerships with families we serve.

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November 17, 2020 7:16 AM

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