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Design Brief

Logo Contest


Need a logo for a new Social Media startup


Company Name for logo: C3Social

Brand Name

The 3 C's are: Content, Collaboration & Creative Solutions. These words can be incorporated, but it is not necessary


The logo to look professional and modern. c3 can be stated as c with a super-scripted 3. As in C to the 3rd power or c-cubed. The colors should be bold and striking, but not distracting. I'm thinking C3Social can be typed out with "Social" in a different color. Then some kind of cool swoosh or design behind the text. Open to ideas.

Don't Wants

No big script type fonts, no big clip-art or cheesy graphics. Prefer text with some color and simple graphics.

About Us

New Social Media consulting company that will offer services and information to business owners and executives. C3 will extend to two other brands in the future.

Clip Art Allowed


Contest Started

May 2, 2011 9:29 PM

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closed over 11 years ago