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Simply put, the logo should look rad on merch like t-shirts and hats. People should want to wear the logo.

It might be useful to know some of those who take Antisyphon training and use the Antisyphon Cyber Range attend Wild West Hackin' Fest, an information security conference with a particularly strong ethos. You can learn more about Wild West Hackin' Fest here:

One reason for choosing LogoBids is to see a variety of different designs. With that said, a logo that projects a "technical" image may win the contest. Those deciding the winner of this contest also appreciate the steampunk aesthetic.

Don't Wants

UPDATE (10/9/20): Please avoid anything with shields, locks, or detective-looking characters with fedoras. Please avoid any designs that do funny things with just the letter “A." Please also try to avoid logos that look too abstract or too corporate.


Please avoid anything overtly political or inflammatory.

Please don't submit any logos that include a combination of both blue and orange.

About Us

Antisyphon offers information security training as well as a Cyber Range. You can find examples of Antisyphon Online Training here: You can find more details on the Antisyphon Cyber Range here: Information security practitioners looking to sharpen their skills can attempt to solve challenges related to cryptography, penetration testing, reverse engineering, web exploitation, and more in the Antisyphon Cyber Range. The target market for Antisyphon includes penetration testers, those interested in cyber education certification, and other types of information security practitioners.

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October 8, 2020 10:03 AM

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