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Bountiful Dental


Logo design for a dental practice


I'm looking for two things - a logo for Bountiful Dental and one for that go together. Because of the similarity in the words "Bountiful" and "Dental", I think that, for the web address, the two words should be in different colors. I'd like the logo to either convey the image of a high-end cosmetic practice (think luxury) OR be be somewhat pleasant and inviting (like maybe with some leaves or something). I'm not exactly sure which I would prefer at this point but I'll try to check back often and give feedback as your ideas come in. If anyone can combine the two concepts (luxury & comforting) that would be great too. I've suggested some colors, but that's not really that important. If someone has a better idea for a color palette I'm open to it.

Don't Wants

Anything too cute like a cartoon tooth that is smiling. Symbols or images (beautiful smiles) are optional, I really haven't thought too much about any specifics there but I might be impressed with some of your ideas.


1. #808cd1 I'm open to what ever colors you think would look good, but I've read that blues and greens are "cooler" colors and have a calming effect.
2. #90d19c I probably want to avoid reds because of the simple fact that so many people are afraid of the dentist and I'd want the logo to appear very non-threatening.
3: #b0a7a7 Possibly a silver background, or maybe a logo with the option of having silver or white behind it.

About Us

Bountiful Utah is a beautiful city of about 60,000 located 10 miles north of Salt Lake City. I'll be purchasing an existing dental practice and would like a nice logo I can use on business cards and stationary as well as in some marketing efforts in the near future.

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April 28, 2011 2:27 PM

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