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Design Brief

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Landmetzgerei Nonnenmacher Company Logo


Looking for a catchy simple Logo.

Brand Name

Landmetzgerei Nonnenmacher


The logo should represent the name and branding of "Landmetzgerei Nonnenmacher"


- simple and remembarable

- not more then 3 colors (maybe blue and black)

- Letters: good readable, catch so.`s eye

- The logo shuld include the letters "Landmetzgerei Nonnenmacher" and maybe a pig or a cow


In the attachment are some motivations.

The first picture is a painting of an artinst on the wall of our building. The second is an excampel for advertising at the moment. 


If there are any questions please contact me:

About Us

We are a small family enterprise located in the south of Germany. We have a butchery with a connected shop.

Site: (not very impressive ;))


We advertise in local newspapers, associations, the web etc.

Sample Image

Clip Art Allowed


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March 29, 2011 5:33 AM

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