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Team Biehl Kitchen


TB Kitchen


Something classy and professional but fun. we will use the logo on the side of the truck and on business cards, banners and other advertising. We are going to go by "TB Kitchen" but the official name is Team Biehl Kitchen. we dont want to limit the logo by using a specific piece of food but something that represents food and/or a kitchen would be nice IF POSSIBLE. We are in Colorado so incorporating the mountains in the logo would also be an option. You could also incorporate the Denver skyline (with the skyscrapers and mountains in the background). This will be a family run business. Open to any color scheme, but psychology shows that red, yellow and orange influence the hunger part of the brain.

i'm not sure if it will work and don't have much hope for it, but incorporating an Elk (the animal) might work.

Don't Wants

nothing offensive or too cartoony. humor is okay as long as its tasteful

About Us

We're a food truck/mobile food business called Team Biehl Kitchen LLC. We're looking to target families and business people to eat from our scratch kitchen food truck in the Denver/Aurora, Colorado area. We will cook anything from breakfast to lunch to dinner and desert.

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August 14, 2020 8:03 AM

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