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Shoulder Tattoo


Looking for a mix of four photos for a tattoo.

Want the dimensions to be around 5 inches length by 4 inches height. Does not have to fit inside this or be exact, but want the dimensions to work around 5"x4".

To see photos, go to:

'Main photo' is the heart of the tattoo, but just the face and the crown. Do not want anything extending up out of head.

On the left of the main photo, apply the 'wallaby' image somehow instead of the sea horse.

On the right of the main photo, apply the 'maori mask' on the sea horse head. This maori mask does not have to be looking straight forward, just that style of a head on the sea horse.

Here's where it gets tricky...instead of the boat looking shine underneath the face on the main photo, apply the wings and legs of an eagle, see 'wings and legs' photo.

I would LOVE it if you could have the feet of the eagle squeezing, or tearing apart the wallaby on the left and the sea horse/maori on the right if possible. Take out the tree branches and the arrows of the eagle and have the claws attacking, clawing, or grasping at the side creatures.

So...face in the middle. Wallaby on the left. Maori sea horse on the right. Wings of an eagle extend out of face as though the man's body is an eagle. The claws of the eagle are gouging at the wallaby and the maori.

I LOVE intricacy, so add to the wallaby! My tattoo artist is very good at tight lines, so get detailed!

I know it's specific, but your efforts are VERY much appreciated!

Thank you

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May 21, 2020 2:58 PM

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