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The Travel Design Studio


Clean, Upscale, Sophisticated design that gives a nod to creativity/artistry. Our "yes" words are: Assured, Astute, Bold, Confident, Creative, Detailed, Discriminating, Distinctive, Exclusive, Experienced, Fun, Knowledgeable, Premium, Valuable, Valued, World Class.

If there is a reference to travel in the mark/symbol, it needs to be abstract and subtle—conceptual, not literal.

Don't Wants

Nothing that has "been done" in luxury travel. No palm trees, planes, boats, trains, modes of travel or 'iconic' symbols of travel. Think high concept design, modern museum, culture, adventure instead.

About Us

We create world-class travel experiences, both for personal prestige clients and for companies providing travel as an incentive or award. We create unexpected, gratifying experiences beyond your wildest imagination that are unattainable by many and achieved by costing upwards of $300,000. We do that by using insider knowledge, real-world experience, and long-lasting relationships with partners all over the world, and applying innovation born of artistic approach and creative thinking. We cater to bespoke clients who have both time and money.

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May 20, 2020 4:25 PM

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