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Nailed It


We want to focus on the lifestyle aspect of adventure, off road and outdoors, risk-taking, masculine bad ass, thrilling driving. Imagine a dude going "Nailed IT!" after jumping a big jump.
Colors and feel should be masculine, tough, and adventurous/risk-loving.
We want some imagery showing the versatility of going from dirt road, to paved road, to waves.
We want more unique concepts integrating our ethos of being awesome and successful risk-taking.
Text should still be easy to read.
The sample image is the best logo from the contest so far. Please build off of that or do something else unique and relating to our ethos.

Don't Wants

We do NOT want a vehicle portrayed in the logo.

About Us

I need a logo for the company, Nailed It. Nailed It is the brand of parts for offroad trucks, cars, and side by sides. Our target market is young and middle-aged males who are outdoorsy, vehicle lovers, who are risk takers and adventurers.

Sample Image

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May 1, 2020 9:56 AM

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