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The WealthPlan LLC


I am looking to update my old logo.

-Please use my old logo as I love my existing boat image and the existing font style for "The WealthPlan." Please add the words "LLC" underneath the letters "a & n" in WealthPlan so it is the reverse of the word "The" that is on top.

-The words "LLC" should be in orange to match the word "The." I also like the "W" & "P" remaining capitalized with every other letter remaining lowercase.

-Remove the words "Financial Planning & Wealth Management"

-Please move the orange wave a bit to the left under the company name to make room for "LLC"

-Please add 1 captain on the ship looking out with a looking glass Please include different designs for the captain.

-Please include an image of the sun that has 4 points - it doesn't have to be very big.

-Please keep the logo on the left side of the company name (as it is now!)

Don't Wants

Please follow my above instructions.


1. #ffffff Blue & Orange

No Color Specified

No Note

No Color Specified

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About Us

I'm a financial planner. I work with people of all ages - but predominantly investors who are approaching or in retirement.

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November 22, 2019 8:48 AM

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