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We want to take our current logo and update it to show "FanStory Classroom". Keep the same look and feel. Remove the book quote icon above the name (in the current logo) and get creative there. Demonstrate that it is for students and their classmates. It is a writing community. The teachers students will read and write! Use the same color scheme that is shown in the current logo. Details below.

About Us

FanStory is a writing site. Authors can share their writing and get feedback from other writers. We already have a logo for it. We've included it. And want the name incorporated exactly the same. The new product is FanStory Classroom. So you'll need to add "Classroom" with the same look and feel. So "FanStory Classroom". This site will allow teachers to create a writing community just for their classroom. The entire school can be the community. So take the existing logo. Add "Classroom". Remove the book quote above the name and create something new above the name to show this is for students. The ages will be from grammar school through high school. Keep in mind though our target is teachers. Be creative! We love creativity! We'd like it to show that it is a community for a school that promotes writing and reading.

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November 7, 2019 6:24 AM

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