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I want something clean... I'd like a wolf-like image however would want it to be strong yet feminine (not savage). Classy, clean, modern feel... I like eye-contact, so while i'll entertain side profiles, I believe I'd gravitate more to a forward facing wolf. I'd like to see variations with the full name and iterations with maybe just a Double "W" Maybe the W is part of the logo with the name above or below... i don't know that's why I am coming to you. I struggle with the colors, again I'd like it keep it simple and clean, white wolf... but from a color perspective I like grey tones, teal, aqua, green. I like geometric shapes, but depending on the style, I also like girlie-swirls.

A wolf stands for intelligence, freedom, loyalty, communication, compassion, intuition, friendship, awareness, power, trust, energy, spirituality, and togetherness. When you are lost, a wolf plays the role of a totem animal to show you the correct path and discover yourself.

Symbolic Meaning of Wolf Based on Colors
White Wolf: Signifies empowerment, positive energy, and patience.

Don't Wants

I don't want it to be an odd shape... I like balance & symmetry
I do not want a full wolf body or anything too busy. I'd like the logo to transform easily if i want to put on shirts, etc.


1. #0eb2b5 optional contrast color or grey
2. #09a13c optional contract color or grey
3: #ffffff white is a must

About Us

We are a startup marketing consultant company. We are highly focused on brand building, helping marketing departments build a strategic direction, as well as, offer a management service for Amazon marketing/advertising. When a company is lost and don't know where to do, we bring clarity and direction.

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October 31, 2019 9:25 AM

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