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Al C. O'Holic


I want the logo to include "Al" (as in AL with a lowercase "L"), our highly-functioning sophisticated alcoholic (think AMC's Mad Men TV show) or dapper gentlemen with a martini or a scotch on the rocks in his hand. Or maybe a James Bond or Sterling Archer looking character. The man should be to the left of the logo, not above. We do not have a color scheme yet.

Don't Wants

Nothing silly like drunk rednecks. No images of beer. No girly drinks with umbrella's. No wine bottles or wine glasses.

About Us

"Al" is the face our company. He is male, aged 42, likes martinis with vodka or gin, and also likes scotch and bourbon. "Al" will be helping us sell bar accessories and unique alcohol-related gifts. Please check out our Twitter feed for inspiration:

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July 17, 2019 11:21 PM

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closed over 4 years ago