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The thing I like about the 12 inspiration logos I have included with this request is that they all combine a symbol which represents the brand which is stylized based off the name, and also a prominent text display of the name as well.

These 12 logos included are all places my clients shop. I want a logo that reflects that financial planning is something you do to take care of yourself and that leads you to feel good. Financial planning should leave you feeling as healthy and accomplished as a good workout, which you did in your favorite yoga pants. Financial planning should be something you look forward to like a cup of cold brewed coffee. It takes some extra work to make it, but when you get the perfect end result you're glad you didn't pour yourself a K-cup.

While my clientele is roughly split between male and female, I think this product may be a bit more attractive to females and like the softer elements of the logos included.

Don't Wants

Absolutely no dollar signs. I don't want anything that looks like a "typical" Wall Street logo.

About Us

Harmoney Plans is a financial wellness program aimed at millennials and emerging wealth families. We offer fee based wealth consultations and advice services. (Harmoney is spelled that way on purpose.)

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July 17, 2019 3:49 PM

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