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Looking for a Logo in JPG, and Adobe AI and Vector files

Brand Name

Yin Yang Yogurt


I want two versions please of a logo with the catch phrase also incorporated .. the other with just the name of the shop and the Logo itself.  I am looking for something simple, colorful and easy to understand that utilizes some variation of the YIN YANG symbol.  If you don't know what that is or it's significance please google it.  I need it to resemble the Yin Yang, but it needs to be different enough to trademark. I want all lettering in black please.

Don't Wants

I don't want busy, or unoriginal.   I don't want a logo that doesn't include some variation of the yin yang symbol or that doesn't imply clearly that we sell frozen yogurt.  This can be done artistically or with text however you are inspired.


1. #33FF00 -
2. #FF33FF No Note
3: #000000 I THINK I want the green to be the primary color. I am open to other suggestions, but please keep in my that green with pink and orange are already being used by national chains. If you have a vision that does not call for these colors, feel free to add

About Us

Yin Yang Yogurt (trademarked) is a healthy frozen yogurt shop.  The vibe and buildout are hip and cool.  We are environmentally conscious, pet-friendly, low fat, low calorie , pump and top your own frozen yogurt shop.

Our catch phrase is "Yin Yang Yogurt...In Balance With Life" 

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