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Design Brief

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Roof Plus


Koala T Matters! or Koala-Ty Matters!


We need to change the layout of the colors around, perhaps keep the roof line red along with the swish, then make the Roof-Plus in Blue. I am open to ideas.

Please note: These are some of the ideas we like from the designs coming in but need a few tweaks.
Can you make a few adjustments for us?

1. Change the Koala colors, can you give a few options on him? Blue, grey, etc
2. Can you place the Lombardo's in the roof area, centered above the roof plus?
3. Can you remove the hyphen between the Roof and the Plus?
4. Can you give a few color options, we were thinking about the roof in red, Roof Plus in Blue and the swoosh in either blue or red.
5. Can you change the tag line to Koala-Tee Matters!
6. Can you add the commercial building back on the right side and move the koala to the left side?

The winning logo must be provided in eps and png formats as a minimum. We would prefer to also receive the logo in AI, PDF, GIF and JPG as well.


Don't Wants

We are not looking for extremely drastic changes. I am attaching the current logo and the example I made. We are looking to enhance the original idea. And our company colors are the red, white and blue.

About Us

We are a residential roofing repair, replacement and cleaning company/ We are looking to add a mascot (ie; a Koala) This is an example of one i found online so we can not copy it exactly. Looking to keep the basic idea but change his outfit or make him with no outfit and just a hat.

Sample Image

Clip Art Allowed


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July 8, 2019 11:19 AM

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