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Abiding Love Lutheran Children's Center


Somethings that incorporates love, faith, nature, creativity...embraces the joy of learning...

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Abiding Love Lutheran Children’s Center is a program provided by Abiding Love Lutheran Church. It was established to care for young children in a way that tells them and their family the story of God's love through Jesus Christ. At Abiding Love, we believe children learn best through play and hands-on experiences. Age appropriate Art, Block, Book, Chapel, Dramatic Play, Manipulative, Outdoor, Science, and Sensory Centers are all part of the learning environment each day. The weekly themes reflect on anti-bias and multicultural emphasis. We believe in letting children play the way children were meant to play. They are given a lot of leeway to be creative, develop their own guidelines and to challenge their own bodies. We have lots of loose parts (some of which may look like junk to the casual observer) to use in their adventures. We embrace the great outdoors and we are not afraid to get into the mud, play in the rain or even have the occasional outdoor naptime.?

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