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Kitimat Community Foundation


We need a design that will work both on small business cards and letterheads and large gobo projections at events. We want a design that signifies our foundations in the Pacific Northwest in British Columbia Canada.
One member suggested, "Look at the Community Foundations of Canada and the logos of our surrounding foundations - Bulkley Valley Community Foundation, Terrace Community Foundation, Prince George Community Foundation, see if we can do a symbol that holds those colour themes and ties together - like a snowflake which is Kitimat's logo"
Another member suggested, "A river that branches off, almost like a tree but it is a river, and each land mass between the streams is a different colour."
Salmon, bears, moose, fox are all native to our area if animals are used.

About Us

We are a registered charity that holds fundraisers and disburses funds to local community groups that are striving to make our community better. We affect all ages and cover multiple genres; shelter, sustenance and care to those in need, recreation, the arts, and the environment.

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May 10, 2019 10:22 AM

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