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I really don't know. It will be used on yard signs that are 24" wide by 18" tall. But there will be other information on the signs in addition to the logo. The yard signs will be surrounded by grass and trees, so if green or brown or gray are used, they should definitely be accent colors and not the main colors. Our previous colors have been red, white, and blue (like the USA flag). But we don't have to keep them, or limit ourselves to just these colors. A full 4-color design might help us stand out. Many people in the real estate space incorporate a house or a roofline into their logos. But I'd love to come up with something more unique if possible. Of course, we'll also use the logo in other media, such as business cards and online. So different versions of the logo and slogan combination to fit media of different sizes and shapes may be helpful.

Don't Wants

Bright and fun is okay as long as it still looks solid and trustworthy.

About Us

We are a real estate brokerage (representing home buyers and home sellers as Realtors as they buy and sell homes). AND we are also active real estate investors, buying houses from people who want or need to sell quickly. When we acquire these discounted houses, we either sell them to other real estate investors, or we fix them up and rent them or sell them with owner financing. We also make it easy to trade-in a house when buying another, instead of going through the normal (and uncertain) process of listing their home for sale, and buying a house, and hoping they don't end up owning 2 homes at once -- or no homes at all. We also want to attract investors who want to participate in profits from these activities without having to manage tenants and toilets.

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February 4, 2019 6:14 AM

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