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Good Health Through Holistic Healing


sharp stylistic modern logo as described above

Don't Wants

nothing that looks medical, like cross, or the color red


1. #0c943e -
2. #2080d9 No Note

No Color Specified

green/blue combo

About Us

This is a competition for a logo for a new company for a new health supplement. These are capsules with a combination of nano CBD and Minuka honey which is only found in New Zealand. The name of the product is “Airmed tears”. This name is derived from the ancient Irish mythology goddess Airmed who was believed to have significant healing powers which she drew from the earth. We are seeking for a logo to represent our product line as a medicinal supplement. The goddess Airmed was reported to have bent over her brothers body after his death and the tears from her eyes drew all the healing herbs from around the world 365 in number according to the number of joints and veins. these healing herbs flowed through her body and as she cried her tears, significant healing occurred and her brother was brought back to life We are looking for a logo which represents the goddess Airmed as well as the supplement product capsules we offer to the public. manukau honey is found in only one place on earth: New Zealand Recent advancements in CBD extractions has developed a hi grade water solulable product. The logo should represent the pureness of the supplement, It’s ability to help individuals with pain, stress, anxiety, nervousness and the lore from which the name is derived The successful candidate will integrate the Airmed mythology along with modern technologies to produce a new herbal supplement for the public.

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January 18, 2019 9:52 AM

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