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Forever Health Studio's


for your future. This is optional to be used. Does depend on how it works with the design.


To focus on health, well being and longevity. To Keep the logo smart, clean and simple.

Don't Wants

Dumbells or anything associated with a traditional gym.


1. #c419e6 Pantone 235 or 242
2. #50ed13 Pantone 366
3: #141313 Pantone black 6 c

About Us

We are Health Studio's focusing on improving peoples lifestyle trough a digital platform and professional coaching. Our aim to assist and guide people into a healthy lifestyle, move freely, reduce pain and disease to ultimately enable them to enjoy a better quality of life with family and friends doing everything they enjoy and love for as long as possible.

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December 13, 2018 11:33 AM

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