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EnergyXchange Yoga


Soothing colours, flow and zen feeling, flexible enough that it could also turn into a logo for a life coach - intending to use a similar logo over time to offer life coaching classes so imagine....EnergyXchange Coaching would be similar to EnergyxChange Yoga logo, something that gives off the idea that we mutually benefit from our exchange

Don't Wants

Hard lines, Fall Colours,sharp angles, blues and teals are ok but dont go into the green's. would prefer no images of people or human figures.


1. #216985 -
2. #27a899 No Note
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About Us

Yoga Studio and Classes offered to lots of audiences, traditional in class/studio setting, to active seniors in their condo, private in home lessons, parents and kids who come together, anyone who wants to get bendy I would like to be able to use the logo so that the word YOGA can be removed and the following words subbed in like COACH, MEDIATOR, CONSULTANT - so one logo that can accommodate that flexibly over time

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September 13, 2018 3:18 PM

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