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Having a 10!


We're looking to capture that moment when someone is having the time of their life and how great that feels. We expect the brand will be more popular with women, especially women that are out having a good time with friends. The photo shows how Jennifer feels when she is having a 10. We'd like to represent that moment. Please use the photo as a model for creating the graphic part of the logo.


1. #de5d77 coral RGB 255, 127, 80 is a favorite

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About Us

This is a lifestyle brand intended to invoke a feeling of having an absolute blast. The logo will be used on wine glasses, apparel, mugs, and other items. We expect to target mainly women, especially women that enjoy going out and having a good time with their friends. But the idea of having a 10 can apply to a night on the town, being out in a boat, having a great meal (that would be a Food 10), or anything that someone enjoys. Jennifer frequently exclaims, "I'm having a 10!" when she is thoroughly enjoying herself. For her, it usually happens when she's listening to live music, dancing, sunbathing at the beach, boating, enjoying a great bottle of wine, or having a great meal.

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August 15, 2018 5:06 AM

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