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Green Wave Wealth Management


We're a group of financial advisors in Lincoln, NE. My thought with the name green wave was something along the lines of the states rural and agricultural roots - a green wave as in prairie grass/corn/wheat, etc. Lincoln is not an agricultural area, but the state's identity still feels that way, so it would be a modern take on that and the green wave name and logo would be symbolic of that without being literal.

(addition to original instructions:) After seeing a couple of designs, I think it's become clearer to me that my preference is that the wave part of green wave would be best represented as a logo separate from the actual name. I've received some that are getting closer to that, but want more of a feeling of an actual wave that looks more like an abstract interpretation of a field (like waves of grain/grass). I realize it's not easy to do that without making the logo look like a recycling or seed or ag company, which is why I am seeking help with the design. I appreciate the efforts so far.

Addition #2 - I think more people are getting a lot closer - I'd prefer something less lime (I know I didn't give direction on that initially, but seeing them that's what comes to mind). What I really want is an abstract representation of a wave of grass (or grains). Like I said, some of them have gotten very close to what I had envisioned, but there's just something a little off. The color I chose at the bottom wasn't exact, just trying to move it away from a yellow/green.

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1. #387550 Obviously the name would imply greens, but could include different shades and even additional colors

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Wealth management (asset management, financial planning, insurance planning, tax planning, estate planning)

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