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Claudia Gomez


Alimenta tu Interior


I am being targeted as the brand, and I want it to be feminine, classy, and that reflects that I am trustable, and strong. I like also something relaxed, and fun for my tagline.

I like to see life as a whole, so I enjoy seeing also compact designs that are seen as one piece, that the name and the drawings fit into each other.

For my name, I am looking for a strong, feminine font... for my tagline relaxed and classy. No clip art please.

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1. #f4f2f7 -
2. #fcf9fc No Note

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About Us

I am a health coach, focused on helping people make better lifestyle choices to prevent deseases; highly oriented towards education, selling detox kits and essential oils, My target Market are stay at home moms of girls. My tag line, just in case you are not familiar with Spanish, means something like: feed your wellness

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April 16, 2018 8:29 AM

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