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We want a logo that shows that we are creative - that we think differently. The two different logo options we would like to explore: 1) one that includes a path / pathway (to elude to a journey) and 2) the second is the use of a deer within the logo - Israel is inhabited with deer (see picture attached). The logo should also be something that is classy but also is generic enough to attract the masses. Our target audience are middle to upper class. We have attached some things we liked to the specification. we want something simple, uncomplicated.

Don't Wants

nothing that symbolizes religion

About Us

We are an Israel based Tour provider that provide educational and creative tours/progams across Israel. We think very much outside the box and offer bespoke travel solutions to many different clients including Christian tours, Bar mitzvah tours, heritage tours, young adult travel, families etc.

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March 14, 2018 12:35 AM

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