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Potty On Luxury Toilet Rentals


For a design, we are looking for simple, clean and fun. With the possibility of our trailer being within sight and potentially in the background of sporadic photos during events, especially weddings, we want to keep it fun (Potty On being a play on "Party On"), but on the safe side of fun. We are looking for party colours, but clean tones and nothing extravagant. We have an idea that we would like an animated toilet (attached as part of the picture section as just a very basic representation of what I may mean) as part of the logo, but that is why we are coming to you, you are the creators and we are open to ideas! For "Potty On" as part of the logo, we would like to think that would be a bold, block letter type feel to it, while "Luxury Toilet Rentals" may be the tagline, underneath in a less in your face, cursive style font. We are going to decal the trailer with other info, website and etc.. so with those fonts, we would hope to eventually use it for all things on the trailer. We are open to all interpretations of what you may think of this, and are using this site to see what else others may think would make a great design for this company.

Don't Wants

Nothing outrageous, or too far out of the "family friendly" realm. We are trying to meet all needs, so something very simple, clean and fun is what we need. As I believe to understand, we can have some communication throughout this process, so it is something to be discussed if we believe anything can be amped up or toned down.


1. #fc0303 party colours
2. #0303fc party colours
3: #fcfc12 party colours

About Us

Hi all - thanks for helping us out with Potty On Luxury Toilet Rentals. Our company is a portable trailer washroom for outdoor events, gatherings and weddings. Our target market is going to be vast for different types of events, but likely a majority of our bookings will be for weddings, finding us in a market for the 18-39 as a heavy demographic.

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January 31, 2018 6:05 PM

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