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CHANGE: I'm revising the theme of this logo.


I would like to take out the butterfly theme. I want clean, sexy, bold, modern, and sophisticated font intertwining the heart and b.


You can possibly make the heart into an eternity pattern? 


Make the font lower case or capital. It doesn't matter to me. Just make sure it's clean, sexy, bold, modern, and sophisticated. 


The butterflies are not going to work. That can be saved for another project.


I took a picture of the necklace I designed. It's a bold letter B in crystals with a separate necklace holding a heart. I would like the logo to be similar to that. 


With the colors, I didn't know which to choose so I just picked some that looked gold, black for the outline and shading and white for the sparkle? I don't know what would work best. But, with the description I made of the revised project, use colors that you feel best relay those traits.  


I'm sorry for the sudden change. I appreciate all the time you put into the previous designs but I am not finding any that are hitting me. 


Let me know if you have any questions. 


Thanks, R


I want the logo to be two butterflies. The first butterfly is pictured in a side shot where the wings look like a double B. Then I want the second butterfly to the right to have the wings sprawled out to look like a heart. The logo will represent Bekah Love. 




It will look a little magical, dali-esq, have clean lines, be apparent that one butterfly symbolizes a B and the second symbolizes a heart.


If you can incorporate a anatomic looking heart within the second butter flies wing design that would be awesome. Possibly the anatomic heart filling in the entire wing span of the butterfly somehow making it look symmetric but with slight abnormalities.  


I will eventually need this logo for print and graphics. I have a flat fitty hat I am going to design with this graphic embroidered onto the hat. It will say on the back With that being said I need a font that will match up with the style and feel of this piece.


Who ever is reading this...thank you very much for taking the time. Please call me should you have any questions. Peace. 




Don't Wants

My target audience is women from the age of 30-35. Hit that audience with what I've described and we will both be happy :-) If you can make it so it appeals to all audiences. EVEN BETTER!!!


1. #FFFFFF -
2. #CCFF33 No Note
3: #000000 No Note

About Us

My website will feature me and thing things I love to do in San Diego. I will have links to all the things I have reviewed or use, interviews I hold with local celebrities, and where to find all those things.


I am writing a children's book series. I will have people directed to this site when interested in it. Eventually there will be an interactive area for the kids who read the book and want more. 


I instruct Pilates. This will be a place where people can book appointments with me.




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