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Murphy Park Fairgrounds


Hip innovator.. but not too hip...we appeal to the nightlife crowd as well as corporate functions, and sponsors. We should look good in the city festival guide and mainstream advertising as well as at the bottom of festival and promoter flyers and marketing material.

The colors are Blue and Yellow. Selected colors are just basis, and exact shade is open for interpretation. Ideal design will employ a unique font not an off the shelf font.


1. #2210e6 -
2. #f1f734 No Note

No Color Specified

No Note

About Us

We are a five acre multi-use market, event, and community fairgrounds in the south Beltline area of Atlanta, GA. This is a private, concrete park with a 10,000 sf indoor space that offers a professional live sound system, skate ramps, and a stage, MPF can accommodate 1500 people indoors and over 10,000 people outdoors. A unique Urban Park, MPF has hosted car shows, festivals, concerts, film shoots, activist staging grounds, and so much more.

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November 20, 2017 9:54 AM

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